Thank You for Your Investment

While our business and investing strategies have evolved over Fairway’s 30+ years in business, one thing remains constant: our value investing DNA. Our investment team and sponsor partners understand real estate fundamentals and have extensive experience in various asset classes, allowing us to identify, underwrite and acquire assets we believe are likely to stand the test of market cycles.

Quarterly Reporting Schedule

Approximately 45 days after the end of each quarter, Fairway America will issue the following reporting documents to investors:

  • Investor Statements
  • Investment Report
  • Asset-Specific Financial Statements

Quarterly Investment Reports will be sent via email with a link to view the report online.

K-1 Timing

We take seriously our obligation and responsibility to provide tax information to our investors in as timely a manner as possible. Historically, K-1s are completed very close to the April 15th deadline. While we continue to strive to improve this process, please use this timeline for guidance on when to expect your K-1.

By executing the Subscription Agreement, you have consented to electronic delivery of your K-1, which will be posted in the documents section of the investor portal once available.

Tips for finding the document in your investor portal:

  • Log onto the Investor Portal
  • Select Documents on the top menu
  • Filter the Documents folder Category to “tax” to see all available tax documents
  • Your K-1 will be in that grouping

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check to view my investment performance?

The Fairway America portal is where investors can actively manage their investments, check statements, view distributions, update contact information, and much more. This should be your first stop for information relating to your current investment. Statements, distribution activity, and past reporting documents are all accessible via this account portal.

The Fairway America investor relations team is also available if you have questions about your investment.

When can I expect distributions?

When available, distributions will be made on a quarterly basis depending on the cash available and the specific business plan for your investment, but no distributions are guaranteed. If you have questions about distributions, please view your asset-specific Offering Memorandum and Subscription Booklet or you can contact

How do I get notified of distributions?

When distributions are processed, you will receive an email notification. The distribution amount will also show up in your investor portal.

Meet Your Fairway Investor Relations Team

Maryna Kovalyshyna

Investor Relations
Admin Assistant

Evan Muffenbier

Associate VP, Investor Relations